A guided tour of the ethical design and processes behind this positive watch brand’s signature straps.
Evig Grön
Sustainable Watches
Branded docs, Commercials

Bringing ethical design choices to the forefront through film.

This project highlights the straps of Evig Grön, a Swedish sustainable watch company. Made from cork instead of leather, each watch strap is hand-crafted by artisans in Portugal and is certified Vegan and cruelty-free. Through the collaboration with Climate Neutral Now and the International Tree Foundation, Evig Grön is a company that has protecting the planet's future at its core.

We collaborated with Evig Grön to produce a sophisticated process video, showcasing their Signature watch straps' carefully considered manufacturing process. Combining the beauty of Portugal with intimate shots of an artisan at work, and close-ups of their product taking shape, the result is an elegant story of how their sustainable and cruelty-free watch straps come into being.

Sometimes the traditional method is the most progressive
Evig Grön