Film is our
force for good

We are a video production company with a drive for change that fills our chest. As we grow, we want to evolve into an informed and knowledgeable powerhouse to make the world a more sustainable and ethical place through quality filmed content.

Championing change
We only work with companies that share our values, or teach us even better ones! Making content to lift up companies that are actively working toward a better world is our way of creating meaningful change.
Every video has potential
We always strive to make quality documentaries, commercials and content for our clients as we believe that one well-done video for a positive startup could be the one that changes the future for the better.
Helping how we know how
We're producing an in-house mini-series  on what is in store for humanity this century. Our hope is to use our skillset to explore and amplify the messages that matter most.

The story of why we tell stories

Platonic is an answer to the times; a collaboration around one shared goal. Through cinematic documentaries with business leaders, academics, and creatives, we want to make meaningful action accessible and achievable on a larger scale.

We also want to use this skillset to elevate like-minded businesses, by producing the high-end filmed content they require to stand out, to grow, and to spread their positive impact.

Positioning ourselves as creators of bespoke thoughtful documentaries, as well as promotional material for groundbreaking brands.