A short film portrait of Camilla Björkbom, the chair of Sweden's largest animal welfare organisation.
Evig Grön
Sustainable Watches
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Collaboration is the key to meaningful change.

Evig Grön is a Swedish watch company dedicated to pioneering new materials and processes to make climate-neutral and sustainably sourced watches. Made from cork instead of leather, each watch strap is hand-crafted by artisans in Portugal and is certified Vegan and cruelty-free. By working with Climate Neutral Now and the International Tree Foundation, Evig Grön’s has protecting the future of the planet at their core.

Cinematic, pensive, and hopeful, we created a short film revealing the collaboration between Evig Grön and Sweden’s largest animal rights organisation, Djurens Rätt. Bringing together highlights of an interview with Camilla Björkbom, with natural and bright visual imagery of her walking through a forest, the film conveys the sense of moving forward together. By implementing shots of the Planetarium timepiece, and a Djurens Rátt pin badge, the film concisely shows a meaningful partnership.

We believe in that change, and we want to be part of the change
Camilla Björkbom, Djurens Rätt