A heartwarming micro-drama for a Swedish conflict-free jeweller
Hanno Stockholm
Artisan Jewellery

Engaging customers with a unique and dramatic proposal.

Hanno Stockholm is a bespoke Swedish jeweller creating contemporary and custom pieces to last a lifetime. Committed to artisanship and accountability, every piece, from rings to earrings, is lovingly crafted by hand from conflict-free and traceable materials. Merging the reliability of age-old setting techniques with modern technologies' versatility allows for complicated and unique pieces of jewellery made to stand the test of time.

Writing a heartwarming advert with an unexpected twist, we worked with the company to make a minute-long silent drama with a Hanno Stockholm ring as the primary driver of change. From the use of slow-motion to the enchanting soundtrack, the film works within its short narrative to strike an emotional chord with its viewer and leave them pondering the power of one decision, one discovery, and one moment.