Arctic's Fate

A short and powerful film showing the purpose of this Swedish sustainable watch brand.
Evig Grön
Sustainable Watches
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Simple but affecting. The climate crisis through the innocence of youth.

Evig Grön is a Swedish watch company dedicated to pioneering new materials and processes to make climate-neutral and sustainably sourced watches.

Seeking to make a film with a simple but affecting message, we worked with Evig Grön to produce a video that highlights why the company collaborates with Climate Neutral Now to measure their carbon footprint.

Looking at one of the victims of the crisis through the lens of youthful innocence, the viewer is asked to contemplate how these children’s first thoughts about the Arctic are soon to be tarnished by the reality of climate change, which is brought home by the clip's final message.

Let’s keep the current perception of the Arctic alive
Evig Grön